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To be a value added action the action must meet all three of the following criteria:1) The customer is willing to pay for this activity.2) It must be done right
... need to look for the “7 elements of waste” and when categorizing need to break out your ... dictionary/ value-added/ 52k cache

% Value Added
In my recent position i have been asked to calculate the % Value Added? Is there any one who knows the actual calculation for this and what factors are taken
... need to look for the “7 elements of waste” and when categorizing need to break out your ... topic/ value-added/ 67k cache

Hi - What is the industry standard for COPQ and COQ? where can i find this data? thank you
... what we use: COQ: basically 4 elements pretty generally accepted thoughout industry. COPQ: COQ + 7 ... industry. COPQ: COQ + 7 Forms of Waste (Lean) + anything that is NVA that dowsn’t fit in the ... topic/ copq-81/ 62k cache

Time Study Analysis
I am working on a contract basis to help a company develop labor standards.  The company refurbishes computer equipment.  The facility is set up like a
... the non-work elements (ie 7 wastes) first, then standardize and distribute the remaining value-add ... the remaining value-adding elements to determine a stable rate of performance.   For a highly va ... topic/ time-study-analysis/ 63k cache

Lean Manufactruing
I am trying to reduce the cycle time for a very slow process that is basically all done manually.  Where can I find some good info or tips to help out in a
... Bottlenecks, or those elements of the process whose cycle time exceeds takt time are ´´leaned ou ... reducing all non-value adding elements (7 deadly wastes) so as to alleviate or add additional capa ... topic/ lean-manufactruing/ 84k cache

Lean Six Sigma
Hi people, I am hearing a lot about Lean Six Sigma which is a combination of Lean Mfg  and Six Sigma and that six sigma is a subset of Lean doesent it
... the strategy is to minimize the waste and the Six Sigma variation component is an element in the co ... demand. So lean first in terms of the customer needs and strategy. Best regards, Adam Viewing 7 p ... topic/ lean-six-sigma-69/ 71k cache

OR Room Turnover
Currently working on a project in the OR looking at room turnover for Orthopedic procedures.  Anyone have or know where I can find information regarding
... time?  this is the type of waste I am talking about). I can give you a lot of other examples if yo ... would like? April 20, 2007 at 7:07 pm #10786 Vinnie Brigandi Include @Vinnie-Brigandi in your post ... process specific data on elements from patient out to next patient in for scope to scope and scope ... topic/ or-room-turnover/ 74k cache

Types of Waste: Application Specific?
Hello All,    I am doing research for my thesis and I came across this question. Have different areas of application of lean or six sigma (manufacturing,
... waste refers to all elements of production that only increase cost without adding value – for ... up the possibility to define waste in different ways, even though the most common way is to define ... it from a production point of view (7 wastes, p. 19). You may want to focus on the different syste ... topic/ types-of-waste-application-specific/ 73k cache

Back to changing organisational culture
Hi all,I've found the discussions in the organisational culture thread really interesting (well, those that kept to the subject anyway - some of the other parts
... has unique and common elements which should be defined by you so that you penetrate beyond the labe ... or activities that are evidence of improvement programs:  visual factory, concurrent design, multi ... value stream analysis, TRIZ, 7 wastes, Statistical sophistication, VOC, etc.  For each of these in ... topic/ back-to-changing-organisational-culture/ 100k cache

Kaizen methodology
Hello everyone,   I am currently preparing a Kaizen event (Accelerated Process Change) that will last 1 week and I wonder which methodology should be
... in order to list the causes of waste (***) 3)       Rank the causes by order of importance (r ... to the outcome of step 5    7)    Follow the action plan by means of a ‘Gemba chart’.   ...   (*) This comes from the ‘7 elements of waste’ and has been already identified before the wee ... topic/ kaizen-methodology/ 96k cache

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