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control limits
I have encountered this Problem: A process with very narrow control limits and many points out of limits but when measuring the characteristics of product
... things.Stability talks about indication of special cause variation and in your case the problem is ... topic/ control-limits-63/ 79k cache

T-test on proportion data
Can anyone give me some advice on whether it is valid to use a T- test to prove a significant difference b/w 2 sets of proportion data (such as daily defect
... and see if you get any signals of special cause variation indication a shift in the process.  Reme ... topic/ t-test-on-proportion-data/ 67k cache

Difference between common causes special cause
Hi,   Understand that variation are in two types, what is the exact difference between the common cause and the special cause of variation. Thanks SPKAR.
... these control limits it is an indication that a special cause of variation is pressent, and that a ... topic/ difference-between-common-causes-special-cause/ 101k cache

short term sigma and long term DPMO
Can some one help me understand why is it advised to report short term process capability but long term DPMO, when we report process capability figures?
... By definition the presence of special cause variation indicates a lack of predictability, hence you ... topic/ short-term-sigma-and-long-term-dpmo/ 101k cache

Tests for Special Causes
When developing control charts is it necessary to perform all the tests for special causes or is there a recommended standard?  
... are equally, mathematically indicative of presence of special cause variation.  The single point b ... topic/ tests-for-special-causes/ 84k cache

What does the In-Control for SPC mean?
In SPC, it is required that the process should be in controlled first. What does 'In-Control' REALLY means? Does it mean that the metrics needing to be
... majority of the cases, an indication of variation due to special causes. There is only a tinny prob ... topic/ what-does-the-in-control-for-spc-mean/ 103k cache

what is different between XbarR chart and Cp/Cpk?
Hi all please kindly give me some comment..I have somequestion about SPC tools between XbarR chart and Cp/Cpk. what is different between them? and what kind
... to separate common cause from special cause variation and gives an indication of the stability of t ... topic/ what-is-different-between-xbarr-chart-and-cpcpk/ 91k cache

Control limit calculations…
Hello, When calculating control limits, the old method was simply to use +/- 3sd and say that these were the upper and lower control limits.  Another way of
... as you said is a good indicator of how much variation due to special causes is arround. And one fin ... topic/ control-limit-calculations/ 101k cache

Can someone please explain the significance of UCL & LCL? I understand what both signify but I am trying to figure out how these numbers come about. For
... Otherwise you have broken a law of probability and that is an indication you have special cause var ... topic/ ucl-lcl-79/ 101k cache

Monthly Report Cpk or Ppk ???
We are currently organizing a system to report monthly performance status of critical characteristics under SPC implementation. The purpose is to review monthly
... is subject to random causes of variation (a.k.a. special causes). Since the use of these indices is ... topic/ monthly-report-cpk-or-ppk/ 101k cache

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