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Home Activity Members Most Recent Articles How Reputation Works Forum Most Recent Topics Start a Discussion General Forums Industries Operations Regional Views Forum Etiquette Dictionary Add Term Events Submit an Event News Submit News tag/ stratification/ 50k cache

stratification or flow-chart?
Ihave observed one distinqueshed difference between Japaneese TQM,AND Western TQM,the Japaneese books consider stratification chartas one of the basic seven topic/ stratification-or-flow-chart/ 59k cache

Stratification and disaggregation
Hello, Can someone explain the difference between Disaggregation and Stratification? Articles I have read name them as different methods for investigating topic/ stratification-and-disaggregation/ 63k cache

A technique used to analyze/divide a universe of data into homogeneous groups (strata) often data collected about a problem or event represents multiple sources dictionary/ stratification/ 52k cache

segmentation, stratification, subgroups
Hi, I would appreciate if someone can help me give a clear example to show the relationship or difference between data segmentation, topic/ segmentation-stratification-subgroups/ 66k cache

Segmentation Vs Stratification
The words 'Segmentation and 'Stratification' are related but there is a difference. Statements like these create confusion. Further, most people use these topic/ segmentation-vs-stratification/ 61k cache

Stratification Leads to Specialized Improvements
The stratification process starts with a broad population and breaks it into manageable segments. Quickly done up front with some basic statistics, it can be tools-templates/ sampling-data/ stratification-leads-specialized-improvements/ 75k cache

Difference between Segmentation and Stratification
Hi,  There are few confusions exist around DMAIC life cycle. When in Measure phase during data collection we brainstorm on probable segmentation factors and topic/ difference-between-segmentation-and-stratification/ 73k cache

I Need help with Claim Stratification ... can someone help...
... I Need help with Claim Stratification ... can someone help... ... topic/ claims/ 57k cache

New site
I like the look and some of the functionality. Not sure whether i like the fact that there has been so much stratification of forums. At first glance it looks
... that there has been so much stratification of forums. At first glance it looks ... topic/ new-site/ 71k cache

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