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DOE for scrap
  I am very new to Six sigma. Just started a class. I have been tasked with applying six sigma to our scrap rate to lower the overall scrap. This is for a
... first need to get a handle on what your data is telling you.  Plot it on a simple run chart first ... You will begin to notice trends in your data over time for example….Time of Day or Day of wee ... topic/ doe-for-scrap/ 82k cache

Can I do a DMAIC Project on data that is not stable
1) Can anyone help me understand what is Data stability? I used Run Chart in Minitab for performing Data Stability tests...I got a following score p value
... Can anyone help me understand what is Data stability? I used Run Chart in Minitab for performing Da ... Stability tests…I got a following score p value for cluster 0.00 P value for trends 0.00 2) H ... topic/ can-i-do-a-dmaic-project-on-data-that-is-not-stable/ 103k cache

Runchart test interpretation
Fist of all, sorry for my English (this is not my native language). I can not understand very well how Minitab tests the randomness of the values in a
... with the numbers of up and down runs, but, in some cases, the P-Value for trends doesn´t match wit ... for trends doesn´t match with what you can see in the chart. For example: we have a series of 20  ... that graphically show a perfect increasing tendency, and the P-Value is 0,9!!! (the shape of the ... topic/ runchart-test-interpretation/ 61k cache

HELP Needed: Low Cpk although process is in control
Hi, I need help. Currently, I have a process running and the process Cpk is kinda low. I've triend various methods to study and it still shows the same low
... mean should be in the range of a limit which is 200+/- 10. so, the USL is 210 and the LSL is 190. C ... is 190. Currently, this process runs in trend chart which only have control limit. We can also say ... specs limit. The daily value is within the specs limit but it varies from high and low. What I want ... topic/ help-needed-low-cpk-although-process-is-in-control/ 101k cache

Control charts for passive processes
I'm stumped.  We have a process which we have no control over.  We count the number of forms that come in every month, but we have no control whatsoever over
... of a better understanding of what you are dealing with.  You have a valid point in that a run char ... a run chart can be as useful as a control chart in your situation.  You can detect shifts, trends, ... advantage of the control limits is the detection of aberrations or outliers like deaths due to natu ... topic/ control-charts-for-passive-processes/ 101k cache

Demonstrating Chart Turnaround Success Gains Buy-in
A lack of buy-in is most common in organizations that are new to Six Sigma. How can practitioners sell Six Sigma? It is simple – by setting up a
... Time TAT The team also set up a run chart to monitor performance (Figure 2). The red line indicates ... below the red line. Figure 2: Run Chart of TAT Trend from April 16 to May 19 Analyzing the Demand a ... the Demand and Capacity 1. What is the customer demand? In other words, how many documents need to ... implementation/ change-management-implementation/ demonstrating-chart-turnaround-success-gains-buy/ 78k cache

P-Charts W/Large Sample Sizes
I need some advice.  I'm just started supporting a new group and am working to move them to Control Charts.  I've run into a situation where I have defective
... from one day to another is what it is because you are dealing with the entire population. In your c ... case, you are better off with a simple run charting of the data to identify trends, clusters, mixt ... mixtures, or oscillations. In your case, the IMR chart has the same problem as any control chart: ... topic/ p-charts-wlarge-sample-sizes/ 64k cache

Mining for Lost Gold in the Transactional Environment
Transactional projects in Six Sigma often center on process chaos or, in other words, time or money being lost in long wait times, missed deadlines and
... causes. The first step is to graph data collected around the potential cause and look for something ... new information and new tools, a quick reference guide like the one below helps in choosing the rig ... tool. Theory Recommended Tool What to Look for Time-related cause (seasonality) Run Chart Trends (u ... tools-templates/ variation/ mining-lost-gold-transactional-environment/ 74k cache

Narrow Spec Width
Hi, I like to use Cpk as a single parameter that indicates how well the manufacturer is doing at meeting spec limits. If the mean is shifted or if sigma is
... It may just require a run in period.  The trend in the samples will guide you to what to do next. ... than actually required, there is a possibility that the customer may change the specification and a ... 30 parts and treat each one as a sample.  Plot these parts on an I, mR chart.  This will tell you ... topic/ narrow-spec-width/ 75k cache

Determining Sample Size
I'm quite aware of the Power and Sample size Tool of Minitab, however, I am finding it hard to understand the relation of that tool to my problem.  This is my
... Be careful out there! A run of 5,602 samples can tell you a lot about what went on in 2001. I bet t ... I bet there all sorts of trends and jumps in there – and they are important in determining wh ... to do now. Have you looked at a control chart of this data? Why did you collect so many samples in ... topic/ determining-sample-size-59/ 80k cache

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