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what is CTQ?  To reach CTQ  for a process ,how many steps are  involved? which are they?
... what is CTQ?  To reach CTQ  for a process ,how many steps are  involved? which are they? ... topic/ ctq-87/ 72k cache

Who are the top-5 guys offering six sigma?
Hi guys! I wanted to know about who, in your opinion are the top six sigma facilitators in the world?   Please send me your comments on
... be politely interested but the CTQ is what effect did it have on the bottom line. If you want the G ... topic/ who-are-the-top-5-guys-offering-six-sigma/ 76k cache

What is a CTQ?
... What is a CTQ? ... topic/ ctqs-94/ 57k cache

Identifying CTQ when no service evaluations allowed
Hello all, I have an account for whom I need to submit an improvement plan. I want to identify CTQ for each individual and then see if there is a trend that I
... able to build your criteria for what is CTQ. Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total) The forum & ... topic/ identifying-ctq-when-no-service-evaluations-allowed/ 67k cache

Project on Recruitement Process
 Hi I am doing green belt project on Recruitement Process in our company so can any body help me in doing my project and steps that i should do in completing
... the SIPOC, have you got the CTQ? What is the problem in recuitment? What do you expect to achive (G ... topic/ project-on-recruitement-process/ 68k cache

Hello, I have continuous data in my project. I want to calculate long term Z value from Minitab. When I try it from Stat
... Reputation - 0 Rank - Aluminum what is the ctq of the project, what is that your are measuring, you ... topic/ zvalue/ 64k cache

Affect of sorted data on a random sample
A programmer provided payment data sorted on ID#.  Will this affect the quality of a randomly selected record sample?
... it will be skewed in some way.What is the CTQ? Cycle time, overpayment, credit rating?BTDT March 24 ... topic/ affect-of-sorted-data-on-a-random-sample/ 78k cache

VOC in Six Sigma Education Training
As a university prof teaching Six Sigma and Lean, I am finding it difficult to collect some VOC that I think is important.  My students and their employers
... wanting to use VOC to determine what is CTQ – Learning the tools and being prepared for certi ... topic/ voc-in-six-sigma-education-training/ 101k cache

Scope/Mission Creep
Theterm Mission Creep with the Military can be applied to Scope Creep in a LSS Project. The constant tension to solve problems has to be tempered with the
... to define what is critical and what is not (CTQ). At a higher level, this may represent a Balanced ... methodology/ scopemission-creep/ 61k cache

Optimizing Locations
I have been working on this problem for several days and just can't seem to get a good method. I've gathered incident counts by location for a territory. For
... questions would be – what is your CTQ? How do you measure it? Regards Sandor Viewing 2 posts ... topic/ optimizing-locations/ 66k cache

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