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Approximate Sigma capability for process
Hi to all, Theorectically, to calculate the sigma level of a process, one has to divide a known decetive rate by the number of CTQ to obtain DPMO,
... it (with the help of a conversion table) into sigma value. a)  for “variables” (exampl ... ? c) with reference to “6 Sigma  — The Breakthrough Management Strategy Revolutionizin ... basis for calculation of “sigma capability” was “defective rate” (output/in ... topic/ approximate-sigma-capability-for-process/ 59k cache

How is the defects per million opportunities (DPMO) to Sigma level and yield conversion chart
We must understand the “Sigma” of a process is merely an equivalent unilateral figure-of-merit. As such, it is always regarded (and reported) as a
... examined a certain discrete CTQ and discovered the long-term defect rate to be DPMO = 4,200. Conver ... (DPMO / 10^6) = 1- (4,200 / 10^6) = 1 – .00420 = .99580. Of course, such a long-term first-ti ... = .99951700. The normalized yield would be given as Y.norm =^(1/K) = .99951700^(1/2) = .999 ... ask-dr-mikel-harry/ how-defects-million-opportunities-dpmo-sigma-level-and-yield-conversion-chart-determined/ 59k cache

How do I determine defects per million (DPM) for Sigma values greater than 6 (3.4 DPM)?
Once is a great while, there is a need to estimate or otherwise approximate the “tail probability” of an extreme standard normal deviate – such as Z = 7,
... progressive, and expanding rate of error. While there are other methods of calculation that are som ... 1 + C1*Z + C2*Z^2 + … + C6*Z^6)^-16 ] / 2 where, C1 = 0.0498673470 C2 = 0.0211410061 C3 = 0.00327 ... equations and coefficients, a table of area under the normal curve can be easily configured and con ... ask-dr-mikel-harry/ how-do-i-determine-defects-million-dpm-sigma-values-greater-than-6-34-dpm/ 58k cache

Addressing Six Sigma Concerns From The Skeptics
Regardless of the red flags skeptics attempt to raise, Six Sigma is not a cult or a seventh-grade science project. Even the most ardent Six Sigma fans should
... Usage: The most dramatic conversions in healthcare organizations are often seen among physicians an ... include a reduction in the rate of hospital-acquired bloodstream infections, better outcomes for in ... efforts to a whole new level and seeks to ensure they are also financially beneficial. Table 2: Hea ... industries/ healthcare/ addressing-six-sigma-concerns-skeptics/ 77k cache

Focused Question
Which is most important in terms of improving quality: Capability, Complexity or Control. Capability can be expressed as a Z value and control as the
... marketed these days as Six Sigma. By the way, I like the Lee book. August 11, 2004 at 5:26 pm #6580 ... have increased interest rates, at a time when manufacturing is still struggling. Of course, unlike ... wishes, Andy August 11, 2004 at 6:17 pm #65811 Reigle Stewart Include @Reigle-Stewart in your post ... topic/ focused-question/ 89k cache

More Value: Value Stream or Detailed Process Mapping?
Project goals, resource availability and deadlines are some factors in deciding which tool -- value stream mapping or detailed process mapping -- fits a Six
... dives deeper into its analyses. Table: Grouping Products or Services Into Families Product/Service ... Step 3 Process Steps 4, 5, 6… A x x B x x C x x x D, E, F… 2. Determine which product o ... and offer the highest customer rate of return. Are high volume in dollars and/or units. 3. Document ... tools-templates/ process-mapping/ more-value-value-stream-or-detailed-process-mapping/ 76k cache

Six Sigma Software Metrics, Part 1
There are multiple measures and metrics available for the Six Sigma development of software. This article discusses the Total Containment Effectiveness, Phase
... Value Added? Table 1: Software Organization Goals Versus Processes And Metrics Six Sigma Goal Requi ... we will explore defect arrival rate prediction models and tests for their adequacy. In part 3 we ... 3 we’ll cover Goals 5 and 6 related to defect density measures, including the elusive Defects ... methodology/ metrics/ six-sigma-software-metrics-part-1/ 77k cache

The Douglass Index Can Keep Good Data from Going to Waste
The Douglass Index allows practitioners to convert data with poor-to-marginal repeatability and reproducibility to a marginal process capability (Cp)
... Font Size Login Register Six Sigma Tools & Templates Capability Indices/Process Capability The Doug ... to be redrawn or if it is valid and can remain as is. Accordingly, the purpose of the Douglass Inde ... R&R rates on the grid. Table 1: Sample Study Results Matrix: North Annex Feature Studied Cp R& ... tools-templates/ capability-indices-process-capability/ douglass-index-can-keep-good-data-going-waste/ 72k cache

Six Sigma Software Metrics, Part 4
This article is the last of four parts. It presents a discussion of Opportunities For Defects (OFD), Defects Per Million Opportunities (DPMO) and Sigma levels.
... defects) = e-DPU = First Time Yield (FTY) If DPU = 1 Then e-DPU = e-1 = 0.368 Area of Opportunity T ... of 0.99100 or about 36.6% – closer still to the Poisson estimate (36.8%). Defects Per Million ... teams in that group inserted and released about as many defects per function point as are possible. ... methodology/ metrics/ six-sigma-software-metrics-part-4/ 80k cache

Understanding Statistical Distributions for Six Sigma
To interpret data, consultants need to understand distributions. This article discusses how to understand different types of statistical distributions,
... Weibull Distribution Figure 6: Weibull Distribution Pdf Basic assumptions: Family of distributions. ... tests where the failure rate is considered to be constant as a function of usage. Hypergeometric Sh ... Centerre Bank, Barnett Bank and BankAmerica. He can be reached at Related P ... tools-templates/ statistical-analysis/ understanding-statistical-distributions-six-sigma/ 86k cache

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